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Aims & Objectives of Open Door

Open Door aspires to facilitate and promote inter-Club contact and communication between International Women’s Associations which are non-political, non-religious and non-commercial, and where membership is open to all nationalities. The Open Door network is administered through the means of a Directory of member Associations with Club and Contact details of Presidents and International Coordinators.

The main objectives of Open Door are to:

  • provide an immediate point of contact for a member from an affiliated Association moving to or visiting a town or city where a 'Sister Club' exists

  • grant guest status at a monthly meeting to meet groups of expatriate and like-minded women provided she presents her membership card or introduction letter from her Association to the international coordinator of that Club

  • give priority of membership to an Open Door member wanting to join a Club where there is a waiting list

  • help and advise new Associations and provide help and support to Clubs where needed

Membership in an affiliated Association is not automatic. Each Association is autonomous and membership is governed by its Constitution and other legal rules.

The Open Door Directory gives details of affiliated Associations and is for the International Coordinator to only provide a member of her Club with the name, address and telephone number of the contact person of an affiliated Club. These details are confidential and therefore must not be published in Club Newsletters or on websites and must never be used for commercial or any other purposes.

More and more women are on the move with husbands whose professions are taking them to places far away from their home countries. In many cases they have had to give up professional careers, leave family and friends, be faced with a foreign language to learn and a new culture to come to terms with. All this can be daunting, but the immediate contact with women in similar situations provided through International Women’s Associations opening their doors to each other makes this difficult time easier with a variety of activities and the forming of new friendships which can be a most exciting and stimulating experience, and for these reasons this inter-club network is greatly valued.

In this way so much is being done to help each other through contact with women of different nations by promoting mutual understanding, furthering cultural exchanges and cultivating friendships which altogether lead to a richer and broader understanding of each other.

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